Our History

Construction & Well Drilling Services

A & H Drilling was founded by Harvey Henderson in 1956 as a construction company working on highways, airports, logging, etc. A&H entered the drilling industry when Harvey bought G & G Well Drilling (est. 1945). In 1972, A & H Drilling bought the first Air Rotary drill rig in Western Canada, and a year later we added another Air Rotary to our lineup. This began the expansion  of our British Columbia drilling operations into the following sectors:
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Mining Industry
  • Dam Sites
  • Explorations
  • Industrial Irrigation
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Pile Driving
  • Domestic Water Wells

When John McDonald took over A & H Drilling in 1999, he purchased a state-of-the-art Dual Rotary D. R. 24, which enabled A & H to develop leadership status in BC’s drilling industry.

Today, A & H Drilling has completed over 10,000 successful drilling projects. Our customers include home owners, engineers, hydrologists, farmers and construction companies. Whether we’re drilling a water well in a homeowner’s backyard or working on the Hope Princeton Highway, A & H Drilling brings state-of-the-art drilling equipment to the job along with certified, experienced operators who are trained to put safety first.