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Artesian Well Drilling

What is an artesian well?

In an artesian well, a pipe is installed to reach a water source deep in the ground. This water is pure and clean, thanks to it being compressed and protected between layers of rocks. Bacteria and other toxins can’t contaminate it because of this solid protection, making artesian water one of the cleanest forms of drinking water today.

Not only that, but artesian water also boasts a very high amount of electrolytes and minerals that are good for the body. These minerals include calcium, silica, fluoride and bicarbonate, among others. These minerals help with muscle growth, healthy bone maintenance, protect tooth enamel and balance the blood’s pH levels, respectively. A lot of the bottled water you may drink today have these minerals added in but artesian water carries these nutrients naturally. It’s these minerals that also give artesian water its delicious taste. As an added bonus, drinking artesian water also helps curb your appetite, making you feel full and less inclined to binge on unhealthy foods.

Flowing artesian well

The water in an artesian well uses pipes to allow the underground water to rise to the surface without a pump (due to the pressure between rock layers). The water in an artesian well passes through porous rock (such as sandstone, limestone, gravel, and sand) and as it travels to the underground water source, this water is naturally filtered through the rock. The porous rock creating positive pressure with the water is most commonly referred to as an aquifer.

British Columbia Groundwater Association defines a flowing artesian well as a well where water rises above the ground and flows intermittently or continuously. An artesian flow is considered to be controlled when:

  • The flow is conveyed through the production casing.
  • The flow does not pose a risk to property, environmental damage or public safety.
  • The flow can be indefinitely stopped without leakage.

At A & H Drilling, we specialize in creating high quality artesian water wells for our clients. We have over 10,000 successful drilling projects under our belt and have experience working on all kinds of projects, with customers that include farmers, engineers, hydrologists, homeowners and big construction companies.

“A&H have provided exceptional service to our firm on a variety of groundwater supply development projects,” says Kathy Tixier, Piteau Associate. “They have successfully constructed and developed numerous water supply wells in keeping with our budget and schedule constraints. John MacDonald is an effective problem-solver with a “can-do” attitude, and clearly takes pride in getting the job done right.”

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