The pros and cons of owning your own water well today

In our last article, we talked about general well maintenance 101 and provided the best ways to maintain your water well. This time around, we’re going to take a step back and dive into the pros and cons of having your own water well.

If you’re considering going off grid and installing your own well, this is a must read.

Below, we breakdown the benefits of having your own water well and other factors that need to be considered before deciding to install your private water well system.


Pro: Forget monthly water bills. By having your own personal water well system, you’ll not only end up saving money over time but you’ll have unlimited access to as much water as you want! When it comes to financial benefits, tax deductions can be made for maintaining your own water well. A nice added perk for choosing to go green!

Con: While having your own private water well will save you money down the line, initial costs might be steep at first. Your costs will depend a lot on the type of well system you choose, the quality of the necessary equipment as well as installation fees.

Time and effort is also something to be considered as groundwater mapping is something that needs to be done prior to well installation. Building and maintaining a water well itself is also something that requires considerable time and responsibility.

Taste & Quality:

Pro: This can vary from location to location, but you will find well water to be considerably healthier and better in taste than industrial water. This is due to the absence of common bacteria found in industrial variety water such as lead and mercury.

Con: At the same time, well water can contain higher amounts of other chemicals like iron and fluoride. This can be easily resolved by installing a water purifier or filtration system in your well.


Pro: The great thing about having your own water well system is the energy you save overall.  Filtering water for entire cities requires huge machines; these machines use up a lot of energy. By choosing to obtain your water from a traditional water well, you’re helping to lower those numbers and preserve the environment, one water well at a time.

Con: While being self-sufficient and environment friendly is a fantastic thing, most water wells rely on electricity to pump water. If the power were to ever go out, back up measures need to be in place to ensure enough drinking water in times of emergency. Backup generators and emergency water storage are a must if you are to manage your own water well system.


These are your most important factors to consider when contemplating installing your own water well. Having a water well is an investment; while it may seem costly and time consuming at the start, the benefits of having your private water supply definitely pay off in the long run.

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